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My complete life including this website is dedicated to ‘Astrology’. I stand inspired by true face to face experiences with the power of this ‘Mystic Science’. My journey so far in this incarnation has been miraculous and eventful convincing me completely of an eternal link between beings of this planet & unseen higher cosmic forces.

The foremost love of my life; my son ‘Dhruv Sharma’ was born on the 22nd of Oct, 2000 at New Delhi, India. Within a few days he was detected with a complication called PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) of the heart. He had turned blue and was gasping for breath when the doctors at the Apollo Hospital moved him to Neonatal ICU. PDA is a condition of the heart when a blood vessel called ‘aorta’ connecting to the pulmonary artery fails to close on its own just as the child draws its first breath. This essentially marks a failure in the child switching from liquid oxygen to regular oxygen. When the PDA is large, and particularly in small children, the enormous blood flow may cause heart failure.

The doctors decided on surgery to manually close the PDA. Though closing the PDA duct is not a very serious medical problem but as Dhruv was only about 45 days old, there were certain doubts. The operation was scheduled within 10 days of detection. My wife Pujan & I stood shattered and numb.

Today I realize that this was the turning point that destiny was leading me to. When hope gives way it is time for ‘divine intervention’ to manifest. As we waited for the D day, at some point we were directed towards the holy city of Haridwar situated in the Himalayan foothills 300 km from Delhi to seek divine blessings. Haridwar city is a vibrant spiritual settlement with an extraordinary mystical aura hovering over it. It is also serves as a base camp to numerous mysterious elevated Yogis meditating in high altitude remote locations of the Himalayas, who come here to collect supplies once in a while.

That moment will always be etched in my mind when we stood facing a group of aged priests at the Daksh Temple narrating our woes. These gentlemen also happened to be highly respected astrologers and masters of Vedic literature. With efficient ease and accuracy a ‘Vedic Horoscope’ was cast for Dhruv manually and the reading session commenced in Hindi language translated below:

“The planets indicate that the suffering is towards a karmic settlement from past incarnation and is only momentary. There is also not enough malefic planetary strength to indicate a ‘surgery’. The PDA is likely to ‘CLOSE’ on its own within ‘TEN’ days when the planetary period changes. But as a precautionary measure a Vedic Fire Ritual (Yagna) be conducted to appease the cosmic forces. The liberty of ‘Free Will’ should be made use of to maximum benefit”

All remedies were conducted the very next day and we headed home to Delhi, not making too much of what had happened. Our faith in the predictions was wavering and mind was too occupied by the days ahead.

With only three days to go for the surgery, as part of the protocol we were advised to take Dhruv for a final cardiac scan at the reputed ‘Escorts Heart Institute’. The most cherished moment of my life awaited me there!

The scan revealed that the PDA had CLOSED on its own and only a miniscule opening remained which would also disappear in a week with no requirement of surgery. The doctors could not say much but look heavenwards. In fact we all gazed heavenwards in unison.

Today ‘Dhruv’ is a handsome young man and is best at driving me up the wall (Probably he sees spider man in me 🙂 …his idol).

In the year 2001, I founded ‘The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers’ an organization devoted to spreading the glory of astrology across humanity. Birth Chart interpretations clearly prove that planets have a formidable influence on human life, the thinking and the behavior patterns and most amazingly the turn of events are largely shaped by the stars above….Believe it or not!

With the grace of the cosmic powers; today ‘www.soothsayers-india.com’ has grown to become one of the most respected astrological websites in the world with a network of over 100 ‘handpicked’ astrologers, priests & divine masters, who possess considerable expertise, skill and spiritual substance.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hope you have a meaningful experience.

Pray for world peace!