Jumbo ReadingsHigh Caliber Yagyas (Pujas) using secret mantras



Mantras are secret ‘Sound Energies’ revealed to enlightened Sages in deep states of meditation. A ‘seed’ cosmic sound when chanted in large numbers has the power to manifest almost anything in a person’s life not to mention alter destiny. The standard number of chants is 125000 but can go up to any numbers depending on the desire of person and potency of the mantra. Nevertheless it is practically impossible for an individual to chant a mantra as per Vedic protocol in such huge numbers. This is where Vedic priests come in, where they take the responsibility on behalf of the native and perform the chants as a group. A typical 125000 mantra chant takes one week if performed by a team of seven priests. Yagya is the final concluding ‘Fire Ritual’ which is performed once the chants are completed, thereby transferring all the good karma of the spiritual process back to the native. Our Yagyas are performed in a small spiritually exalted town of Nemisharan in North India. This place is also known for the ashram of the great Indian saint ‘Anandamayi Ma’. Mr Dhananjaya Sharma the founder of this site is officially initiated into the order of Her Holiness. Vedic Yagyas are always beneficial and have no negative effect. It should be noted that there are no guarantees of the results and one should approach with faith. Miracles may or may not happen depending on a person’s ‘karmic debt’. Our Yagyas are performed as per strict Vedic protocol by highly qualified priests. We do not compromise on quality. Taking a Yagya request is a big spiritual responsibility on our shoulders which must be fulfilled with honesty and discipline. Shoot us a mail at [email protected] to discuss more about your requirement.