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Thank you. I received my astrological report and will be ordering one for my children as recommended. I would like to use the same astrologer for all future readings if possible. Thank you again. Your services are most helpful and I will recommend you to others.


Thank you very much for my report, and replying to me quickly. Have found it very interesting and enjoyable.
Take care and God bless.


Hi ! I have just received delivery of the Panch dhatu Sri Yantra took me a few minutes just to find the 5 steps/petal side that should be facing me 🙂 anyways yesterday a consultant of an agency emailed me to say i have an interview in Surrey in a wk and half time..its definatly in the feild that i want regards


Thank you, Dhananjaya. And thank you to Soothsayers. Of all the astrologers out there, yours I have found are the best.
Many blessings


Thanks for the report. I really appreciate your prompt response. Sometimes when things are not going as we want we start to feel insecure and want immediate help/ direction. Its in such times that we seek / embrace astrology and look for some answers.. You guys are doing a great job by running this website. Thanks and warm regards


Thank you very much. I have received the document. I would just like to say that your services have brought me great comfort and relief. You truly live up to your name.


I reviewed my Life Report and I am glad that all questions were answered. It is hard to understand Astrological terms and that makes it a bit hard to understand. But I am glad there were explanations.


I appreciate your sincere efforts. I have never been disappointed by anything from Soothsayers-india.


thankyou, for your report, i have recieved it and was very pleased with its contents, very accurate.
thank you.


Thank you once again for the excellent answers I have received of late –I cannot praise The Astrologers enough , they are clearly inspired by divine providence !
G-d bless you all ,


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